Kays jewelers engagement rings

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Why wear kays jewelers engagement rings?

Of all the jewelry that we wear, perhaps, only a wedding ring, kays jewelers engagement rings, is the only one that has a deep meaning. It is a symbol and is worn only by people who are married. But why exactly rings are worn at the wedding, but, for example, not earrings, bracelets or other jewelry? So why wear wedding rings, kays jewelers engagement rings?

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It so happened that the ring, which is a closed strip of precious metal, is a guarantor of loyalty and continuity of relations between spouses. As they say: The ring has no beginning and no end. The husband and wife, exchanging rings, kays jewelers engagement rings, thus give each other an oath of allegiance. The ring in its infinity also symbolizes constancy, support in all difficulties of life, honesty, reliability and cohesion. So, kays jewelers engagement rings!

Symbolism and kays jewelers engagement rings

It is believed that the wedding ring, kays jewelers engagement rings, can not be removed under any circumstances, many, especially before, believed that if a person does not wear a wedding ring, then he breaks the oath, not wearing the ring is sometimes regarded as almost treason. Although today young couples are not so reverent about this symbol of love, and often they dont even wear it, for them the wedding ring, kays jewelers engagement rings, is more like decoration.